Monday, January 24, 2011

Magnificent Monday... or so I Thought

I had every intentions for a magnificent Monday. My baby was to sleep until his normal time and wake up happy. Then he was to play happily like he normally does while I make his bottle, let the dogs out, and make a morning cup of coffee. I would have started a magnificent blog post right after his bottle as he continued to play happily and finished the post while he took his morning nap.

Well it is 11:30 a.m. and none of that has happened. He woke up early and fussy. He has stayed fussy. I have cleaned up more spit up than I want to touch in a week this morning and he continues to make a constant whine sound that I find immensely annoying. NO toy is fun to play with. Not even the kitchen trash can. No magnificent Monday here let alone post. It has taken me two hours just to write this.

I am currently feeding the baby and hoping this makes him happy. His smile is so cute even while grumpy! At least he is wearing his monster PJs. Perhaps after baby lunch I can get a proper post in. I did have lots to talk about... oh well.

My baby looks tired! He just put his passie in his mouth
while I was trying to feed him.

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