Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Using What You Got: Re-potting Rosemary

Well it seems to be "one of those days" for me and my baby. He needs me and that is all there is to it so I am putting aside my crushing desire to get Christmas stuff done. Along with the design to clean my house until it shines and sit in a rocking chair holding my sleeping baby. I guess that isn't so bad.

I thought I would post about using what you got, which I do a lot of. There is only so much stuff my tiny house can hold and only so much money in the pocket book. At the very end of summer, a neighbor came over and gave us a bunch of raggedy plants she had been given that was going to be thrown in the trash. It consisted of two beat up Rosemary plants that were never planted and a bunch of Spanish onions.

The onions got planted and will hopefully make it to spring and the Rosemary... well they sat upside down for a week or two blown over by the wind. Then another couple in the shade and some with no water on my outdoor swing with a water proof awning. I finally decided I better do something with them just before our first really snow and brought them in.

I love terrariums and beautiful potted plants but my house is fairly low light for growing much indoors. I thought it was a long shot to re-pot the Rosemary but worth it since they were free. Here is how I did it:

Found two "vases" I liked. Found potting soil in garage. Found "grit" for chickens. Found two beat up Rosemary plants.

Place towel or newspaper down on surface to protect it from a major mess. Get your dirt ready. Get your plant ready and start filling around the plant with dirt. Pack the dirt down because there will be settling. I added a bit of water for that process to help.

Add some "grit" to the top of the dirt to make it look "pretty". Find a sunny spot, water regularly and hope the poor, beat up transplants make it.

Guess what! They have new growth already. I am so thrilled that I might plant some of my other herbs early to have for winter cooking. You can also buy (fairly cheaply) potted herbs at your grocery store and re-pot those as you wish. My local Marc's has basil, cilantro, and parsley for about $3.00 each.

How do you use what you have?

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