Friday, November 5, 2010

Things We Love

Happy Friday! This morning Jackie and I are together so our lists are combined but we hope to have Lauren's List and Jackie's List of things we love from the week. Remember there will be a lot of dreaming happening on these lists.

Here's a short list of things that are making us smile this morning...

  1. Kids in cozy jammies reading "I Like it When".
  2. We love that came out with their new float + peace calendars yesterday. Thinking Christmas presents!
  3. Since our first dinner party was so much fun, we are doing another dinner party for a friends birthday Saturday night. Happy Birthday Heather!
  4. We indulged in a French Green Clay mask, today with egg yolk and olive oil. Faces feel AMAZING!
  5. This Posh Peasant Tee is sooooo Jackie! And she would like it BEFORE she wins the lottery. Hint hint.
  6. Lauren dreams of this Isabella Sterling Silver ring. Her wedding ring still doesn't fit after baby and it would be a great treat! Like HUGE treat.
  7. We love, Love LOVE homemade Christmas gifts! We are thinking this and this. Ooooh, and maybe this too!
See you Monday...

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